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A dangerous precedent will exist if Kingston Council approve the application from Advanced Living to turn the Regents Wing into a massive block of residences.

YOU can make MATERIAL PLANNING OBJECTIONS which planning officers MUST consider when drawing up their report. Write to RBK planning office. If you need help please contact us at info@wara.uk.
Twitter: @WolvertonAvenue.

The applicants have been asked by the council to re-submit their plans. The community's protests have not gone unheard. The next meeting is in early December 2020 - there is still time to lodge your objections.

This would change the face of our area and our special local character FOREVER.

Virtual Norbiton

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Please submit your objection to application 19/02504/FUL
Using this link:

or send an email to development.management@kingston.gov.uk

Object on the grounds of: Explanation Planning policy infringed?
  • scale and dominance
Look at the size of it and at its proximity to the buildings in the Wolverton Avenue area of special interest YES
  • appearance and design
Replacing an old, classic building with a "build-anywhere" modern block is completely out of character with Victorian Norbiton including the old register office and even the station YES
  • privacy
Look how closely it stands domineering over the row of houses on the east side of Wolverton Avenue with dozens of windows and balconies overlooking bedrooms and gardens YES
  • loss of light/sunlight
Several existing dwellings, not least flats in the old register office will have sunlight severely curtailed in the winter months, especially by the southern extension of the building YES
  • parking provision
128 flats will have only 43 parking spaces for residents, staff and visitors - accessible only via a car lift! YES
  • highway safety
The resulting lack of parking both for the hospital and the new residents may well result in frustrated drivers seeking a place in the home zone that is Wolverton Avenue and beyond YES

Links to lists of precedents of refusals over recent times

Click for details of Kingston Borough refusals in 2017

Click for details of Kingston Borough refusals in 2019

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